Work Experience at Bridge21

Last week I went on work experience to Bridge 21 to improve my social and mentoring skills as in the future I am thinking of working in a field related to education. At the start of every day, the mentors and I prepared all of the computers for the students to work on.When the students first came in they were all nervous about working together as they were from different schools but with the help of a few ice breaker games they became more comfortable with each other.

The students were then put into teams which were called after different world leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Emma Watson. Using the computers, and with a bit of help from the mentors, the students had to find out information on their particular leader. They then had to present their findings to everyone. After this, their main task was planning and organising an activity they could run back in school. Each team was assigned a topic such as anti-social behaviour or healthy living and they had to work through all the stages of planning and implementing their project from getting a plan approved within the school to fundraising and marketing.

I assisted the students by helping them choose an idea for their activity, I also did my best to answer any questions they had but tried to make them figure it out for themselves rather than just giving them the straight up answer. In conclusion I had a fantastic time at Bridge 21 where I learned a lot regarding social skills and technology.

Greg is a Transition Year student in Donabate Community College. He spent a week with Bridge21 as part of the school’s work experience programme. The project he assisted with was part of the Leadership Through Service module of the College For Every Student programme. This year 11 schools are taking part in CFES and Bridge21 are delighted to be involved.





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