WCCE 2017

The World Conference on Computers in Education will be held in Dublin Castle from July 2nd to 6th.

Several members of the Bridge21 team will be presenting their research this year.

On Sunday July 2nd, Sharon Kearney will be talking about “Shakespeare, Tablets, and Bridge21: A 21C Approach to Engage Students in English”.

On Monday July 3rd, Jake Byrne and Kevin Sullivan will be joined by Lynne Blair from Lancaster University to discuss “Approaches to teaching ‘Computer Science’ in England and Ireland”. This session will include the Bridge21 CodePlus programme, our design-based Invent Week and using tangible interfaces to teach Computer Science concepts.

On Wednesday July 5th, Brendan Tangney, Kevin Sullivan, Sharon Kearney and Michelle O’Kelly will give talks under the heading “Bridge21: a pragmatic approach to 21C teaching & learning”. These will include the results of research work carried out on the development of Bridge21 activities, the impact on students of taking part in the Bridge21 TY programme and the development of 21C assessment strategies.

The team are delighted to be able to attend the conference this year. If you’re attending, come along and see us!

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