TY Programme – What the students say!

Bridge21 TY Students

Bridge21 TY Students

“It is hard to explain what Bridge21 is, you need to do it to understand what it is and I consider myself lucky that I got to experience it.”

This was the view of one student after spending four days working here in Bridge21. Over the last six weeks, 165 students from have taken part in the Bridge21 TY Programme which focussed on multimedia work and communication skills. As usual, the students worked in teams and covered topics including education, social media, issues affecting teenagers in Ireland and the future!

At the end of the week, we asked the students to write a little bit about their experience.

Here is some of what they said:

I learned that working as a team is fun and useful

I learned to be more confident and that you learn more through communicating with other people.

I learned the the only way to enjoy something and learn from it is by putting 100% in.

I learned by watching other people and asking them for help.

I’m a kinesthetic learner

I loved interacting with my team and watching all the other teams projects.

I had so much fun. The people, and what we were doing, were great!

I like the way the mentors were sound, and young too.

Some parts of it were really good but some of it was boring.

I can actually speak in front of people.

I need to be less serious and not to worry about embarrassment.

I can act as a leader when I need to but also that I really enjoyed having smaller roles when it benefitted the group.

For things to be completed to the best of our abilities, we needed to listen to each other.

Yes and No. I would like to return to Bridge21 however the train journey was very long and I was usually tired.

I loved having the freedom of being able to be creative about learning unlike in school using strict guidelines.

I wasn’t looking forward to Bridge21 and was having doubts/regrets about it but as the week progressed my opinion changed and I ended up really enjoying myself.

I thought the mentors were really helpful.

I can adapt well to different situations.

I like teamwork.

I loved every single little bit of it. 

I was bored sometimes.

I learned that I can work with others and that the team comes first.

I am good at coming up with ideas for projects.

I like the way that it’s kind of like school, but we are more independent and do things whatever way we prefer, without someone telling us what to do.

It’s easier to work with a team now.

I really enjoyed every moment of it. I was a bit worried the first day but turns out I liked it and even made friends out of it.

Using technology made learning better and more fun.

I’m actually a lot better at making friends than I thought. 

I learn by doing things.

Other people know things you might not and they help you.

I love the concept of Bridge21 and I feel if a similar environment was created in classrooms I would learn a lot more.

I am able to rely on others to help me with something.

Contribute. Hard work pays off.

I can present with confidence when I feel comfortable. I’m able to argue my point when I don’t feel I’m being judged.

I got to do things I never did and it was the best fun I’ve ever had. 

I wish the week was longer.

Bridge21 TY group

Working with these brilliant young people was a huge amount of fun and we can’t wait to meet a lot of them again in 2015!

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