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The Erasmus+ Teaching for Tomorrow project (2015-18), led by the Bridge21 team, continues to have an outstanding period of collaborative workshops and an active and vibrant on-line community of practice within the teacher group.

In April last year, we facilitated an introductory Bridge21 workshop for sixteen teachers from our partner schools (St Joseph’s Rush, Herman-Nohl-Schule, Vändra Gümnaasium and Stenungsunds kommun) here in Bridge21.

Following on, in early October, the teachers participated in an assessment-themed five-day workshop in Stenungsund, Sweden. The third workshop, in April this year, was hosted by our Herman-Nohl-Schule colleagues located in the Neukölln district of Berlin, Germany. It was an exciting opportunity for the sixteen teachers to observe and engage in different teaching styles underpinned by the Bridge21 learning model.

TfT teachers at the workshop in Sweden

TfT teachers at the workshop in Sweden

To date the project has produced a set of teacher resources which are available online including our teacher Introductory and Assessment Handbooks. As we move into the third year of the project we will be adding further resources to the Teaching for Tomorrow website, including more handbook chapters and teacher lesson plans.

The next stop on this journey will be in Vändra, Estonia in December 2017. This workshop will focus on the development of Communities of Practice in education at two levels:

  1. The Community of Practice created by our Vändra Gümnaasium colleagues within their school.
  2. The TfT Community of Practice developed over the course of the project.

The lessons learned from these experiences will be invaluable as Bridge21 continues to bring teachers together to share practice and learn from one another.

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