Student daily post – Wednesday 09.03.11

Our very first day! 🙂 We first got into our groups, and then we had to pick a team name. We chose team “Willy Foo foo”, after the man who discovered marshmallows 🙂 . Then we had to brainstorm about things that can be done with an orange. We had LOADS of ideas, such as ‘marry the orange’, ‘kiss the orange’ or ‘make the orange your god’. It was really funny doing this exercise. Then we had to think about things that we learned; where and how.
Here are some pictures below: 🙂

After this we had to do a study on how kids our age learn best. Our team did a wonderful survey. The results showed that we learn best by practical and interactive learning. Some of us also learn best using technology. At the end of the day we presented our findings on a power point, using colourful graphs.

The other teams did a movie/ power point too. We were impressed by team ‘Pen’because they did a powerpoint AND a movie. 🙂

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