Student daily post – Friday 11.03.11

Last day!!.,,..aaaw..we’ll miss Kevin.

We finished our board game and made a power point instead because the moviemake went beserk 🙁 . Thank God we finished our presentation in time. We taught team ‘Pen’. Unfortunately things went wrong. The music in our power point had a glitch. The board game went quite well, although we never anticipated it to be quite boring. We hope that we taught team Pen well. If we had more time and money we would have made it MORE fun, by doing a treasure hunt( space race version) and a computer game (using scartch). We would have also fixed the glitch in our power point.

We thought that the whole thing was a great experience, and hope that by us participating in this ‘experiment’ we could help future student learn better. Teaching is very hard XD . You have to be prepared for the unexpected.

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