Team Pen is full of wonderful people :)

On Wednesday we were told on what we were goin’ to do…

We were put into groups of five. Mixed up with two schools Mercy Secondary School and Drimnagh Castle.
We were ask to Brainstorm and we made a video on how children are taught and what we would like to change. We also made a survey of what the other students thought about school,teachers and the curriculum.

On Thursday we were given a topic from the leaving cert curriculum from History,Biology and Maths, we were given biology. We answered some questions about it to see how much we knew about the topic. After answering the questionnaires we have to return to our pods and brainstorm ideas on how were going to tackle the topic and teach it to fellow students. We search for game and practical ideas and started to do our powerpoint. We started doing the powerpoint presentation, look for a game and finalised the lesson plan.

On Friday we drew a diagram of a human digestive system to large sheets of paper and also drew arrows to Direct and teach them about it at thesame time. They would stand on it and tell the function of each organ. We think that this would be a really good and effective way of teaching students as they would more likely remember fun and visual teaching,in other words practical.

All in all we think it went well as the team worked together and we finished on time of schedule and we think this way of teaching is great!peer education will go a LONG way!!

We were proven right as the students respond great to the lesson plan we made and they learned a lot of stuff in just over a 25 minutes of class. We gave them questionaires about the class and most of them said they had fun and enjoyed the lesson plan.

We hoped that this will improve the future curriculum and lesson plans for the future generation as they enjoy school and love it.

Team PEN enjoyed the three days of workshop and gained a bond and found new friendship that we hope will last.

Thank you very much.

– Joyce Nicolas and Sarah Kennedy

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