Our time at Bridge21

At Bridge 21, we were taught the same subjects as in school, but through more modern and enjoyable methods. From the well-thought out agendas for each day to the friendly staff, we as students found we learned a lot more and retained more information than in ordinary school. Especially through the use of teaching with technology; a lot of us now possess an advanced knowledge in computers and media programmes.

Not only academic lessons are learned at Bridge21, the programme helps improve personal skills such as creativity, time-management, communication, team work, responsibility, maturity and respect which is very important for the world of work.  You learn more about yourself, discover secret talents and interests and also get a chance to examine your own personality and improve on it. Students who didn’t really consider going to college now really desire to go as Bridge21 also give a taste of college life and the freedom scholars have in comparison to school children.

W e have never enjoyed ourselves as much in school as we have in Bridge 21 and will always cherish the great opportunity we received, as well as great friendships that were made. It is an excellent programme that we are lucky to have being a part of and we both hope to see it expand more into the national education system in the future.

Melissa and Robyn
TY Students

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