Lord Puttnam visits Bridge21

During his brief visit to Trinity College this past Thursday, Lord Puttnam took the time to visit the Bridge21, meeting with the students, staff and supporters of the programme.

Conversing with the group during an open question and answers session, Lord Puttnam spoke about the vital role education plays in supporting other aspects of an economy, from health to pensions, and while discussing funding cuts in education, referred to the invention of the machine gun before the first world war. “There was no point in saying ‘nice piece of equipment, but we can’t afford it’. You either afforded machine guns or you lost the war!

Speaking after Lord Puttnam’s visit, Brendan Tangney, Academic Director of Bridge21, shared “To have a truly forward thinker like Lord Puttnam attest to the importance of our programme is wonderful recognition. We know that it is time to change our approach to education and we are committed to ensuring that our learning model will inform and shape the development of new approaches to teaching”

John Kennedy of Silicon Republic was among the guests and he has written a great article, which includes some video of the day. Check it out here.

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