Learning Circles – My week

A student-led maths activity

Evelyn, a student from Colaiste Bríde in Clondalkin, took part in several activities at Bridge21 during her Transition Year.  Here, she describes her favourite one.

“There was no need to meet at the front gates of trinity on Tuesday morning as everyone who was going to bridge this week already knew where Oriel house was. When I arrived there I saw lots of familiar faces and a few new ones but with the help of a few ice breaker games we all quickly became good friends. We were then split into our teams and a team name and leader was picked, I was with Cian, Emma, Conor and Lulu and we were Team Greg.

We had a quick discussion about what we do and don’t like about school and then we were told to make a video about ‘How we like to learn’ and presented them at the end of the day.

On Wednesday we were given our main task of the week. Each group was given a leaving cert topic and had to prepare a fun 30 minute class on that topic. My group was given ‘Nazi Propaganda’ and we decided to cover all the different ways people like to learn in our lesson plan. We researched the topic and prepared the class for the rest of the day and some of Thursday morning. Then on Thursday afternoon all of the teams were split into two groups and we had to sit in on two classes and present our own class to the other two teams. It was so much fun and I would much prefer being taught by my friends rather than my teachers because I feel I learned more when being taught by a friend.

A “Space Race” themed board game

On Friday, which was our last day,  we got into our groups and brainstormed what schools in the future should be like and then we made an ad for a school of the future and presented our video at the end of the day and each of us in my group picked a subject and explained what the subject would be like in the future. 

I really enjoyed that week as I want to go into teaching after I finish school, it was my favourite week in Bridge21 and such a beneficial experience! I learnt so much and made so many new friends.”

There is more information about the Learning Circles workshop here.


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