Technology & Innovative History Teaching & 1641 Depositions Website launch

Material Imaged for the Manuscripts Dept. related to the 1641 Depositions exhibit, July 2010.

Seminar – Technology & Innovative Ways to Teach History

& Launch of the 1641 Depositions Bridge21 Website

Tuesday the 31st March 2015, 

Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin


11.00  Welcome and Introductions – Brendan Tangney

Brendan Tangney is co-director of Trinity’s Centre for Research in IT in Education and is Academic Director of the Bridge21 project which is working with secondary schools to move towards using models of 21C learning for delivering the curriculum.

11.10 Keynote Address: Luke Smith – Lives of the First World War 

Luke Smith created for the Imperial War Museums, in London. This innovative digital platform is uncovering the life stories of 8 million people who served in the war. Luke is passionate about using crowdsourcing techniques to ‘make history’.

12.50 Irish Lives in War and Revolution, the TCD MOOC success story  – Tim Savage & Sylvia Gallagher

Tim Savage is Trinity’s first Associate Dean for Online Education and was responsible for Trinity’s highly successful MOOC as well as the ongoing development of online postgraduate programmes. Silvia Gallagher is a PhD student in the Centre for Research in I. T. in Education and was responsible for the monitoring, analysis and moderation of the Irish Lives community learners. Her research interests include online community behaviour and learner interactions.

12.30 Personalised Research Environments – CULTURA and Beyond 

Owen Conlan,  PI on an EU FP7 project which created an adaptive and interactive environment which offered genuine user empowerment and unprecedented levels of engagement with digital cultural heritage collections and communities.


12.50 LUNCH


1.40 Bridge 21 meets History and Heritage – Danielle O’Donovan

Danielle O’Donovan is an Irish Research Council Post-Doctoral Enterprise Research Fellow in CRITE and the Irish Heritage Trust. Her work centres on using technology to scaffold the use of Built Heritage in the classroom for teaching a range of active histories.

2.00 1641 Site Demo – Eamon Darcy

Eamon Darcy is an Irish Research Council Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at National University of Ireland, Maynooth. He is an early modern scholar who worked on the 1641 Depositions Project and is interested in active history learning.

2.15 Web Site Launch –  Seán Ó Foghlú

Seán Ó Foghlú, Secretary General of the Department of Education and Skills

2.30 Roundtable Discussion – How technology changes the way we can engage with history and heritage?

Virginia Teehan (chair),  Director of Cultural Projects and Humanities Research at UCC

Jane Ohlmeyer, Erasmus Smith’s Professor of Modern History, TCD

Conor Newman, Professor of Archaeology in NUIG and chairman of the Heritage Council.

Catriona Crowe, Director of Special Projects at The National Archives of Ireland

Eoin Houlihan, History Teacher at Moyle Park Secondary School, Clondalkin

Dr. Kevin McCarthy, History Inspector

15.30  Close  – Brendan Tangney

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