Grannies and Google!

On December 9th, 6 past pupils of Bridge 21, (Heather, Niamh, Robyn, Cian, Jess and Warren), were lucky enough to be chosen to participate in the “Grannies and Google” programme with the mature students of Cherry Orchard. When we reached Oriel House, Kevin and John introduced everyone and gave us our brief. The aim of the evening was to create our very own “Reeling In The Years” video with one of the ‘Grannies’ who will be sitting the Junior Certificate History paper in June 2012. There was a fantastic atmosphere among the group while the mentors got to know each other and the ‘Grannies’ over pizza and a cuppa! We could tell this was going to be good! We were all paired off in groups containing 2 mentors and one Granny, and had an hour to introduce the use of programmes such as ‘Windows Movie Maker’, ‘Audacity’ and Google by making our very own “Reeling In The Years” video for a chosen decade. At the end of the hour, the sound coming from the pods was that of laughter and happiness! From each pod came stories of the time period and all the joyful memories that were brought back to those carrying out the task.

At the end of the night when the group as a whole began to watch the videos, we found that each video had a unique and personal quality. It was clear that everyone who participated in the programme learnt a lot, with the mentors learning all about the past from people experiencing it first hand, to the ‘Grannies’ learning how to use the modern technology the mentors are surrounded by every day.

Jessica, Dolores and Heather Everybody was so impressed with the work that was produced! On behalf of the mentors, we would like to say thank you firstly to Kevin and John for allowing us to come back to participate in the programme! It was a pleasure as always! But mainly to the ‘Grannies’ as you were very kind and warming and we wish you good luck in your exams. We know you can do it!


By Niamh Ellis and Heather McLoughlin.

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