We want to expand our model and reach more schools. To help us we are looking for visionary leaders who want to bring about change in their schools, paving the way for future educational reform and innovation.

When principals sign up, they bring with them their valuable insights, experience and expertise.

Below are some of the benefits we see for the schools:

  1. Access to the expertise & support of the Bridge21 staff
  2. Opportunity to become an early adopter of the NCCA’s framework for Junior Cycle development and reform.
  3. Leverage support to take the appropriate steps on the NCCA’s pathway towards change.
  4. Strengthen and affirm the school as an exemplar 21st century learning environment.
  5. Develop and expand the active learning community within the school.
  6. Foster a group of students who are confident, self-directed learners and who take  personal responsibility for their own learning.

What the programme offers to Schools:

  1. Professional development workshops for teachers
  2. Training programme for students
  3. Regular contact & support for principal and teachers
  4. Engagement with students, teachers and principals to assist in the development of new pedagogical practices
  5. Participation in an action research project to determine the effectiveness of the programme
  6. Participation in academic seminars & public events

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For more information please register here and we will get back to you as soon as possible with further details.