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26 students from 7 schools took part in our latest Computer Science – Transition Year programme which was run a collaboration between Bridge21 and the School of Computer Science and Statisitics. For most, it was their second chance to take part in a workshop in Bridge21 but the content was very different to their first visit! The students got an introduction to computer science in general and computer programming in particular through various activities during the week.

Lego Robots!

Building and programming Lego robots was the activity on the first day. Most of the robots managed to make it around the obstacle course that had been laid out by Niall and Lar but it was the robot named “Flash” that won our hearts by completing the course very, very slowly! (He’s the little yellow one at the back.)

The Scratch programming language was the main tool for days two and three. Learning the basics, making things move and creating an animation was the challenge for day two and day three was all about designing, building and indeed, playing some computer games!

The final day involved some Wii-mote hacking and some more game-building and playing. The standard of work produced by the students was excellent throughout the week and some very interesting and very clever projects were completed. Many of the students discovered a flair for computing and may develop this further at third level!

They’re a great bunch of students and luckily, we’ll see them all again soon!

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