Bridge2College student feedback

B2C students at Bridge21

“I learn more when I actually get to decide what I want to work on. I absolutely loved Bridge21!”

That was the conclusion of one student after taking part in the Bridge2College programme recently.

B2C is now in full swing for 2012/13. We have a strong mentor team in place and we’re meeting 25 new students each week. B2C is an outreach programme for second level students from schools around Dublin. So far this year, we’ve worked with students from Clondalkin, Donabate, Drimnagh, Palmerstown, Rush and Walkinstown. They’ve each taken part in a four day programme where they worked with students from several schools, gaining experience in areas such as teamwork, communication skills and leadership as well as learning some new technical skills.

At the end of the week we asked the students to write about what they learned during their time with us. Their answers cover technical skills, increased confidence in making presentations and in working with members of the opposite sex, a desire to go to college in the future, understanding that it’s okay to ask for help if you need it and some students mentioned that they learn better as part of a team or when they have a practical problem to solve.

One student said that “sometimes I work better alone.” but she also said that she “learned loads, it lifted my confidence” and that she “learns better doing all this sort of stuff than reading from a book”.

Finally some of students said they want to come back to Bridge21 again in the future. We’d be delighted to see them again!

Here are some student quotes from the first two weeks of B2C 2012/13:

“I can help get things done on time.”

“I’m like a tech wizard!”

“I am a great team leader.”

“I love having a leadership role.”

“Asking for help when I’m stuck is okay.”

“It was a great atmosphere and unbelievable learning experience.”

“I’m not as shy as I thought I was.”

“I like doing presentations now after doing them every day.”

“I’m usually a very quiet shy person but I learnt your opinion matters when working in a team.”

“Everybody has different opinions. What you think is right might not be right for others.”

“I learn better in groups.”

“I work well in a team.”

“Teamwork with girls was a different experience from school.”

“I thought it was a great experience making new friends and finally getting along with boys.”

“I’m gonna miss it. I really wish it was longer.”

“I definitely want to go to college.”


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