Bridge21 – Not a card game!

We recently ran some in-school workshops for 1st year students. We thought they went very well but just to be sure, the school asked each of the students to write about their experience. This is what one student wrote…..

“I was honestly disappointed when I heard about Bridge 21 but that was before I went there, and I was only disappointed because I thought we would be learning how to play the card games ‘bridge’ and ‘21’ but that was because one of the teachers mentioned cards in assembly. It was absolutely fantastic. The instructors were very nice and funny and they had an interesting take on teaching, and it was amazing. We had the survival project, I personally would have survived on my own but my group let me down. This was amazing leverage for later on in the day. ”I think we should do it this way”, “No this way is better”, “but if we listened to me, we would have survived!” But the actual project was so much better. The group I was in ‘The Final Four’ we were the last four to be chosen, it worked out well but if there was three of us we would have been called the ‘Threejects’ Our movie was about a murder. Some of the pictures we took were very funny to look at. All in all it was a fantastic experience, I think we each took something from it, but I personally learned more about compromise and cooperation because in life we won’t always be working with agreeable people.”

Hard to argue with any of it really!

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