Bridge21 @ Mount Anville

Over the last two weeks, the Bridge21 team were working with the first year girls, and their teachers, in Mount Anville Secondary School in Dublin 14. Over 100 students got to take part in a two-day introduction to technology and teamwork. Planning, decision-making, creativity, communication and collaboration were all required as the girls completed a series of creative and technical projects.

All 22 teams had to learn new skills on the computer to complete the projects and they managed to do this while developing ideas for what learning might be like in the future. Remote control teachers, USB brain chips, time travel and various lotions, potions and accessories to make learning easy and fun were  proposed by the students. Some of the teachers were interested in the remote control idea too but felt that they should be the one controlling the buttons!

The workshop was also an opportunity for the teachers to observe the  Bridge21 model in action and start to plan some activities they could run themselves and there was a lively feedback session with over 20 of the staff offering insights and ideas.

It was a great opportunity to work with some brilliant students and some equally brilliant and enthusiastic  teachers. We’ve made some new friends in Mount Anville and we can’t wait to work with them again soon!

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