Bridge21 makes Nominet Trust 100

A student-led maths activity

The Nominet Trust supports projects that use technology to address a range of complex social challenges. The Nt100 is a list of 100 such projects. It’s a diverse and inspiring collection of projects covering areas such as health, education, information and finance. Some projects, such as Scratch and Raspberry Pi are very familiar to us in Bridge21. Others such as Mozilla Firefox, Wikileaks and Khan Academy are well known all around the world and there many others you probably won’t have heard but they’re all very impressive!

Bridge21 is in there too and we’re delighted to be recognised in such great company. The full list is available at  There are some interesting stories with the #nt100 tag on Twitter too.

The NT100 forms the basis of Nominet Trust’s Social Tech Guide which will be a growing, dynamic resource that showcases social tech innovations from around the world.


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