Vision & Mission

We think BIG

We have a Vision that:

All young people have the opportunity to raise their educational aspirations and fully reach their potential.

And we are on a Mission:

To develop and champion an innovative team based educational model for 21st Century, technology mediated learning through research, advocacy and building exemplars in collaboration with key partners in Irish education – especially teachers and schools.

Our Values

We are passionate and believe that:

  • Learning to learn is a key goal of education
  • Young people should be trusted to learn from each other
  • Building positive relationships is vital to success in education
  • Educational practice should follow the best of theory
  • Young people benefit from the experience of working in mixed ability teams
  • Young people grow through being given responsibility
  • Technology is central to 21st teaching and learning

We don’t just pay them lip service to our values but we guarantee that they influence all our thinking and doing.  They form the base of our innovative approach to learning.