A 21st Century education revolution

PBS Digital Learners videoWe recently came across this video from PBS Teachers. Its theme centres on the words of John Dewey, the American educator, psychologist and philosopher (1859-1952):

If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow

These words still ring true today and are a powerful reminder of the responsibilities of teachers and the education system. (We think the quote so inspiring that we include it in our email signature and have it on post-its stuck up on the walls in Oriel House!)

The video tells the stories of students, teachers, innovators and thought leaders who are at the forefront of educational change in the USA. Collaboration, peer-learning, creativity, discovery, innovation, problem-solving, self-direction, motivation, knowledge building… this is the language of 21st century learning that echoes throughout the 52-minute video. It is about technology – not only the engaging tools which are helping prepare young people for a 21st century world, but also the role it plays in changing classroom practice and enabling alternative approaches to teaching and learning. It is about embracing the digital world that young people live in outside the classroom and reforming schools to better reflect that. It is about instilling in students a passion for learning, for life.

Watching this video has been timely, as we spend a few quiet weeks reflecting on the year that’s been and planning new ventures for the months ahead. It is an inspiring reminder of Bridge21’s raison d’être and of the possibilities of technology to transform attitudes and practices of teaching and learning. So, we’d encourage you to take the time to watch it and welcome your thoughts and comments…

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