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Student daily post – Thursday 10.03.11

On Thursday each team received a topic that we were going to have to teach another team. We got History- The space race. We brainstormed ideas of what we could do to teach the other team in a fun and interesting way. We came up with the idea that we would make a movie and […]

Student daily post – Wednesday 09.03.11

Our very first day! 🙂 We first got into our groups, and then we had to pick a team name. We chose team “Willy Foo foo”, after the man who discovered marshmallows 🙂 . Then we had to brainstorm about things that can be done with an orange. We had LOADS of ideas, such as […]

Purple Pirates! A Brief Introduction

We are the Purple Pirates, We patrol the high seas of The Oriel House from dawn until…about 3- 3:30. We were invited back because our awesomness was so overpowering the building would collapse without our entrance. I, the writer of this article, am currently wearing a wasitcoat, thought you’d like to know. But let’s get […]

Team Pen is full of wonderful people :)

On Wednesday we were told on what we were goin’ to do… We were put into groups of five. Mixed up with two schools Mercy Secondary School and Drimnagh Castle. We were ask to Brainstorm and we made a video on how children are taught and what we would like to change. We also made […]